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World sociodynamics of rural communities in the Russian village

Based on many years of sociological research, the article analyzes the sociodynamics of the state of a number of characteristics of rural communities world: consciousness, behavior, values, and objective prerequisites for changes. The world of rural communities consists of refl ection and action in public and private life, based on the historical experience. The sociodynamics of socio-cultural processes is revealed in the context of the infl uence of economic practices that combine borrowed innovations and traditions of peasant culture.

ПЕТР СТРУВЕ: «НА ПУТИ К ЗДРАВОМЫСЛИЮ…» (идейно-политическая борьба на страницах эмигрантской прессы 20–30-х годов ХХ века)

In article the public and political position of one of acknowledged leaders of the Russian emigration of the first wave, Peter Struve, is analyzed. Various parties of political process, the ideological antagonism of the competing “centers of force” of the Russian emigration, one of which personified to P. B. Struve, are considered. Separate aspects of ideological and political fights and their reflection on pages of popular emigrant’s editions of a different orientation are researched.

А. И. Деникин: «работать в интересах национальной России…»

In article the public and political position of one of leaders of the “white» movement, the former AFSR (The Armed Forces of South Russia) commander General Anton Ivanovich Denikin is analyzed. Various parts of political process are considered (all-European and intra emigrant), the ideological and military confrontation related to it (which was monitored by A. I. Denikin) are analyzed.