international relations

International relations of Moscow city in modern conditions

The relevance of the article lies in the fact that the international activity of the cities of our country in the context of the escalating geopolitical confrontation, which has global and regional dimensions, is becoming increasingly important for the formation and implementation of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation. The city is becoming a real actor in modern international relations, often being able to defend its own interests by infl uencing the foreign policy of the state to meet local needs.

Modern Information Technologies Boosting National Interests of Russia in the Sphere of International Relations

The main problem tackled in this research deals with information technologies as the instrument of boosting national interests of Russia. The author comes to the conclusion that the information society shows the other side and the subject deals with not only mutual interests in the name of world development, but modification of the international relations on the base of the modern information technologies.

Foreign Policy Infromation Support in Russia: Lack of Strategy

The article dwells on the problems, hindering successful accomplishing the mission of Russian Federation’s foreign affairs activity information support. The author undertakes step by step analysis of doctrinal papers as far as information coverage of Russian Federation foreign policy is concerned and arrives at the conclusion that as of now solution of these problems lacks strategic goalsetting and wholesome concept. And without that all image shaping efforts will remain sporadic and fruitless.

Foreign Policy Mechanism: Problematic Theoretical Aspects of the Research

Problem theoretical aspects of the study of the foreign policy mechanism have been considered. Approaches of researchers have been offered. It was shown that the foreign policy mechanism is in the form of the political system, which provides the definition of the goals, objectives, priorities and directions of the foreign policy, and the allocation of resources for its implementation. The elements of foreign policy mechanism are divided into constitutional (state bodies) and extra-constitutional (political parties, NGOs, economic structures, public opinion).

Political and Administrative Regulation of International (Inter-ethnic) Relations in the City of Baikonur: Current State and Prospects

The article analyzes the current state and prospects of development of political and administrative control of international (inter-ethnic) relations in the city of Baikonur, functioning in the conditions of the lease. Consistently the features of the political and legal status of the city of Baikonur, studied experience of the executive authorities of the city of Baikonur to regulate international (inter-ethnic) relations.