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labor market

Youth Segment of the Labor Market of the Saratov Region: Adaptation to Modern Realities and Stability

The article is devoted to youth labor market. The dependence of the adaptation of qualifications, experience, as well as factors that contribute to the instability of the youth market.

Стратегии занятости: в поисках концептуального обоснования инновационной политики

The paper considered approaches to definition of strategy of employment, one of the most widespread concepts of modern researches of labor market. Features of each approach are described: their key categories, methodological assumptions and turning out typology. Restrictions are specified in application of the described approaches and a way of their overcoming.

Структура и функции молодежной самозанятости в регионе

The social space of the contemporary Russian labor market is characterized by the growing dynamics of changes, its structure becoming more differentiated and amorphous. Nonstandard, unsustainable employment including selfemployment practices gains larger scale. The above mentioned changes have controversial social consequences, especially at the regional level, where the problems of human capital preservation and reproduction are of importance.