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The Concept «Islamic World» and a Global Context of its Politization

This paper studies the main interpretations of concept «Islamic world» as well as it’s modifications as a result of migration processes in modern globalization. The author observes the crucial factors of politization of «Islamic world» in Western Europe and in Russia.


The article shows labor migration forms and their transformation in the context of globalization processes. Special attention is paid to the question of «knowledge migration».


The article raises the questions of the revival of racist attitudes in the Western society on the example of Germany. Aggression towards people of other ethnicities expressed in linguistic form is considered as one of the most important prerequisites for the racism emergence. As a result of the content analysis of one of the German forums, the glossary of derogatory offensive nicknames for migrants in Germany is presented in the paper

Социальное самочувствие жителей провинциального города

In article the basic reasons of low level of social well-being of the Russian province are established. Social well-being – a basic integration indicator of a way of life of people. Assessment of social well-being of inhabitants of a country town was carried out on the example of Penza by a set of criteria: basic values of inhabitants, economic situation, the most significant problems of the region, international relations, zdorovyesberegatelny behavior.

Основные парадигмы социологического подхода к исследованию миграционных процессов (часть 1)

The article is devoted to a review of the main paradigms that make up the theoretical and methodological basis of the sociological approach to the study of migration processes. A detailed description of the scientific directions of this approach is presented in three basic groups: the structural group includes paradigms focusing on the system-structural, organizational-functional aspects of migration, treating it as integrity, the totality of elements; the interpretative group aims the researcher to study human behavior, motives, meanings.

Управление миграционными рисками в условиях трансформации глобальных миграционных процессов

The article is devoted to the problem of managing migration risks in the context of the transformation of the migration situation in the modern world space. The author, noting such transformation features as a reduction in the duration of migration movement, the emergence of “fluid” plastic forms of migration, substantiates the manifestation of migration risks and the need for new approaches to their minimization.

Механизмы интеграции мигрантов в социокультурное пространство Европейского союза

The integration of migrants into the social cultural space of a host country is a complicated process. Its main goal is to turn a migrant into a full-fledged citizen and to decrease negative consequences of this process. The integration touches on cultural, economic and social spheres of society. The EU practice gives an acute example of the collaboration of developed European civil societies.

Диаспора как институциональная структура современного общества

The article is devoted to the peculiarities of the diaspora as an institutional structure. Special emphasis is placed on the networking of diasporas in the global socio-economic space. The author notes that ethnic business plays a significant role in the development of global diasporal networks. The article emphasizes that diasporas, occupying one of the signifi cant places in the socio-economic space, are an indicator of the state of modern society.