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Modernization of the educational potential under the conditions of partial military mobilization in Russia

The specifi c problems of the development of the educational potential of Russians related to the sharp aggravation of the military confrontation in the world, the intensifi cation of hostilities in the Ukraine, the implementation of partial mobilization, as well as the mobilization of educational training of part of the economically active population of Russia are clarifi ed.

Features of the Social Base of Terrorism in Russia

Article is devoted to studying in domestic sociology of characteristics of a social base of terrorism in Russia. The attention is paid to interpretation of concept of a social base of terrorism; various elements of this category are investigated. In article, influence of incomplete modernization and system crises on emergence of terrorist activity in

Role of Traditions and innovations in Socio-political Dynamics of Modern Society

The author’s position on a problem of interaction of traditions and innovations and their influence on society governance is presented in the article. The system of traditional values is considered as the popular and effective tool of policy. The author investigates importanceand place of tradition in the situation of globalization process and confrontation of different centers of force.

Youth Social Well-being in Socio-economic Conditions of Modernization

The article presents exploring of the key concepts of youth’s social wellbeing of youth in the circumstance of modernization applying of the empirical data carried out with the help of the qualitative methodology by the expert interviews with officials and representatives of the academic institutions and public organizations.

Analogous Forms of Civil Society (Exemplified by African Countries)

The author considers analogous forms of civil society in countries of the South exemplified by African states. Foundation, development, specifics, and peculiarities of civil society in this region of the world are analyzed. It is stated that burgeoning civil society models of non-Western areal have their own specific features, which are determined by special character of civilizational development of the countries.

Религиозный модернизм и фундаментализм в национальной модели политической модернизации

Being a social religious institution, the church influences the formation of basic national values and specific features of national culture. In the process of modernization, there is a process of politicization of religion through the interaction of religious and political institutions. Due to the difference in the dynamics of modernization transformations and the adaptation of religion to new historical conditions, religious and political institutions acquire unique forms of interaction.

Особенности продвижения молодых руководителей в рамках конкурсных процедур на должности глав муниципальных образований Алтайского края 2017–2020 гг.

The Russian political sphere has witnessed a clear trend towards the rejuvenation of federal and regional heads. Science and practice have proven that young people have innovating thinking, are energetic and more motivated for results. Now at the federal level the corporate style in the implementation of the state personnel policy prevails. The aim of the research is to study the processes of updating executives at the local government level in the Altai Territory.