political institutions

Formation of Parliamentarism in Russia: Contours of New Political Institutions

The article describes the main conditions and principles of formation of the Russian parliamentarism, the brief description of basics of the electoral process at that time. As the leading factors in the development of the Institute of parliamentarism in our country, allocated: high degree of politicization of the Russian society, the lack of cooperation of legislative and Executive authorities, their isolation from each other, the fragmentation of the political-ideological spectrum, contribute to the high degree of competition of political parties and party factions.

Institutional Factors of Forming Ties Between Political and Economic Development

The article considers the main treatments of the role of institutions in political and economic life in present-day conditions, reveals the key institutional factors of interconnection of political and economic development in post-Soviet Russia. It draws a conclusion that ancestral flaws of the period of institutialization of market economy in post-Soviet Russia inevitably came out as defects of institutialization of political system.