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political socialization

Роль Русской православной церкви в политической социализации молодежи

In article participation of Russian Orthodox Church in political socialization of modern youth in Russia is analyzed. Characteristics of forms and methods of church youth policy with which the ROC expands are distinguished and deepens the religious influence on youth, at the same time promoting process of assimilation by the person of the values and regulations leading to forming of the qualities and properties allowing to adapt in this political system and to carry out political roles and functions.

Political Identity: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches

This article analyzes the existing theoretical and methodological approaches to the problems of political identity, their heuristic potential revealed. An attempt to determine the state of political identity in the new Russian conditions, taking into account the processes of globalization and the profound social transformations in Russia. The conclusion about the need to consider the duality of conditions of formation of Russian political identity for the purpose of deeper understanding, explanation and prediction of the process.