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Strong Power as the Constant of Russian Politics: the Methodology of Ivan Ilyin and Modernity

The article deals with the methodological approaches to social and political transformations of modern Russian society by means of views the Great Russian philosopher I. A. Ilyin (1883–1954). The main emphasis is laid on the role of the political power in the system modernization of modern Russia.

Professionalism of a Politician: Theoretical Aspects and Practice of Political Activity in Contemporary Crimea

The author shows theoretical and practical significance of political legacy to identify the nature and content of a politician’s professionalism, and reveals the difficulties and contradictions of the professionalization process of political activity in contemporary Crimea.


The article shows a profound and comprehensive dialectical relationship of politics and patriotism. The analysis of the content of patriotic discourse in modern Russia, revealed the contradictions and tendencies of further development. It substantiates inconsistency of the theoretical and methodological receptions, liberal interpretation of patriotism, representing, in fact, pseudo-patriotism.

Политический сегмент медийной грамотности студенческой молодежи: вариант измерения

In modern science, attempts to measure media literacy / media competence are made from time to time. However, those who try to do it usually employ different theoretical premises, interpret phenomenon under consideration in their own ways, and, as a result, use various criteria for evaluations. Based on the analysis of more than hundred most oft-quoted (both in foreign and Russian scholarship) definitions of media literacy, the author offers his own conception of the term and puts forward the way it can be measured.

Контроль на выборах: политико-правовой аспект

ВIn Russian practice, election control is a part of any election campaign. According to the current electoral legislation of the Russian Federation, a fairly wide range of people have the right to exercise control, in addition, web cameras are used at polling stations for observation. The amendments to the electoral legislation of the Russian Federation are aimed at strengthening control over the voting process and counting the votes of voters in elections.

Концепции «nation-building» Ф. Фукуямы и Р. Купера и их значение для современной практики нациестроительства

The process of nation-building in modern societies within the framework of national integration is considered in the article from different approaches and taking into consideration analysis and understanding of foreign experience. Special attention is paid to the concepts and views of Francis Fukuyama and Robert Cooper along with their importance for practice of nation-building. An inference is made that today these concepts and attempts to implement them in practice cannot be recognized as perfect and adequate to current challenges of internal and external origins.

Грани медиаобразования в трудах научной школы А. В. Федорова: политические аспекты

Empirical base of this article is comprised of five monographs by A.V. Fedorov and his colleagues published from 2013 to 2015. The author highlights several, from his point of view, the most urgent and important issues touched on in the writings considered. An idea is substantiated that necessity to develop social and political model of media education is becoming patently obvious nowadays.