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Internet technologies influence on sociopolitical activity of youth: Sociological analysis

The article presents the results of the study that included the materials of two authors’ social polls (Nizhny Novgorod, 2020, n = 560) and the data on the search queries of Internet users from the WordStat service from “Yandex” company. The main research is dedicated to assessing technologies for influencing the socio-political activity of young people.

Social Justice as a Value Guide for Changing the Constitution of the Russian Federation

The article is about key value models of social justice presented in the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the level they are embodied in real social, political, and economic life of modern Russia. The author evaluates constitutional changes proposed in terms of their correspondence to popular visions of social justice and fair structure of society.

The Phenomenon of Political Stability in the Face of Declining Living Standards of the Population on the Example of Russian Province

The article discusses the nature of the phenomenon of socio-political stability in modern Russia with a decrease in living standards and real incomes, which is noted in recent years against the background of economic recession. As part of the study of the phenomenon considered by the ANO “Institute of Public and Political Communications” in June 2018, a large-scale study was conducted among residents of the North-Eastern districts of the Voronezh region and the city of Borisoglebsk.

Media Technologies of Influence on Political Culture

The article analyzes the peculiarities of media influence on political culture in the society. The possibilities of applying media theories to the study of political culture are considered.

Gender Analysis of the Assessment of the Quality of Medical Care in State and Private Out-patient Departments

In this article the influence assessment of medical services rendering to men and women in state and paid out-patient departments in Saratov is given. As basis for the analysis the degree of satisfaction with research level and service quality is put. After carring out the study, based on gender estimated data the conclusion was made about the different level of the medical care and the degree of satisfaction with the quality of the medical services.