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questionnaire survey

Политический сегмент медийной грамотности студенческой молодежи: вариант измерения

In modern science, attempts to measure media literacy / media competence are made from time to time. However, those who try to do it usually employ different theoretical premises, interpret phenomenon under consideration in their own ways, and, as a result, use various criteria for evaluations. Based on the analysis of more than hundred most oft-quoted (both in foreign and Russian scholarship) definitions of media literacy, the author offers his own conception of the term and puts forward the way it can be measured.

Рейтинг университета как элемент аттрактивности для потенциальных абитуриентов

The article presents the results of the students’ preferences study when choosing a place to receive higher education. The study was conducted at the Faculty of Philology at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, its methodology is based on the principles of a survey implemented online on the RAEX Rating Review portal on June 14–23, 2022; the results are compared.