Social Portrait of Dagestan Protestants (By the Results of Sociological Research)

The so-called «evangelical awakening» was one of the brightest manifestations of the religious component of the post-Soviet period in Russia. The followers of Protestantism were ideologists of this phenomenon. Strengthening the position of Protestantism in the post-Soviet space clearly revealed itself in the religious and social life of the Russian Federation national regions, particularly in the Republic of Dagestan. The subsequent crisis of the post-Soviet society provoked an «invasion» of Western missionaries. Their purpose was to create sustainable communities.

The Role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Political Socialization of Young People

In article participation of Russian Orthodox Church in political socialization of modern youth in Russia is analyzed. Characteristics of forms and methods of church youth policy with which the ROC expands are distinguished and deepens the religious influence on youth, at the same time promoting process of assimilation by the person of the values and regulations leading to forming of the qualities and properties allowing to adapt in this political system and to carry out political roles and functions.