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rural community

World sociodynamics of rural communities in the Russian village

Based on many years of sociological research, the article analyzes the sociodynamics of the state of a number of characteristics of rural communities world: consciousness, behavior, values, and objective prerequisites for changes. The world of rural communities consists of refl ection and action in public and private life, based on the historical experience. The sociodynamics of socio-cultural processes is revealed in the context of the infl uence of economic practices that combine borrowed innovations and traditions of peasant culture.

Сельская самозанятость: методические подходы к измерению и анализу

The article presents the experience of applying the theoretical and methodological means and tools of sociology to study the process of integration and diff erentiation of rural residents, taking place on the basis of family management. It is shown that the range of diff erences within the actors of self-employment is determined by the demographic composition, the production potential of the farmstead, and the orientation towards development. Integration issupported by the similarity of cultural values.