rural population

Employment as a factor of social well-being of rural population

The employment of the rural population, providing a stable income and social guarantees, is one of the key factors determining social well-being in contemporary conditions. The article is focused on the comparison the social well-being of rural population with diverse employment. The empirical basis is the sociological survey of the rural population of Khakassia (2018). Industry workers feel the best of all. State employees (education, culture, healthcare) are experiencing some depression, although it is caused by age features.

The characteristics of rural health care in modern Russia

The problems of medical care organization for the population living in rural areas exist in most countries. The results of Russian and foreign studies show the differences in the availability of medical care for rural and urban populations.

Stableness Resources of the Rural Socium in Crisis Situations

In the article the specifics of life difficulties overcoming by rural population in the period of their sharp aggravation in the society (crises) is grounded. The role of traditionalism and archaic character in realization of ways of getting the resources of surviving, and also new practices mastered by mobile groups of the rural population in the reforms period of rural life is shown.