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social infrastructure

The Social Infrastructure of the City Through the Prism of Public Opinion of the Saratov Youth

Article based on the results of empirical sociological research examines reflection of urban social infrastructure in public opinion of the Saratov youth. Identifies criteria for prestige neighbourhoods are the most significant for youth social problems of public transport, the construction of pre-school institutions, environmental and criminal situations.

Социальная инфраструктура города как отражение качества физического пространства

The modern process of urbanization actualizes the urban space social infrastructure organization quality. The article deals with organizing as one of most important components of the city’s social infrastructure – a physical space. The physical urban space is considered as a complex and diverse organism, consisting of certain clusters: nature-ecological, engineering, transport, culturally-historical, socially-settling. They form a single, complementary and ever-changing system that provides urban residents with a full range of functions.