social reality

Transformation of Social Sphere in Everyday Life Culture System

The article analyzes the process of transformation of the social sphere in Russia. The goals of the study are: the analysis of topical images in the process of everyday life new culture formation; the comparative analysis of everyday life culture images in connection with consumer society formation in comparison with the post-Soviet period social images. The purpose of the research is to characterize everyday life culture images transformation process on the basis of attracting and analyzing a number of modern investigations in the field of sociology.

Multilingualism as a Sociocultural Phenomenon

The article deals with sociocultural context of multilinguism. The various aspects of this phenomenon functioning are presented from the point of view of many investigation paradigms. It is stressed, that multilinguism is reflected in global social reality discourses. In this connection, the main function of multilinguism is to provide effective social communication in polycultural world.

Cross-cultural Dialogue and Social Reality

The article considers the main characteristics of a dialogue in the context of human activity actualization. The type hierarchy of dialogue relations of communicators is presented. The distinctive features of a cross-cultural dialogue are specified. The increase of cross-cultural dialogue influence under globalization is shown.