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Vulnerability of cultural codes as threat to the existence of civilization

The article deals with the consequences of the vulnerability of cultural codes as an actual threat to the existence of human civilization with the uncontrolled and unreasonable use of artifi cial intelligence. Positive as well as negative options for the interaction of artifi cial intelligence with cultural codes that level the understanding of the basic universals of human behavior, communication, and activity are analyzed.

Experience in Implementing Programs for Youth Policy in the Country

This article discusses the analysis of youth policy abroad, in the Germany and Sweden, specifics of studying the processes of socialization of the young generation in the framework of the state youth policy.

Social Ideal’s Social-structural Determinations

In article the theoretical analysis of genesis of a social ideal is carried out. The author proves that the social ideal is caused by type of a sociality and acts in two modified forms: social ideal of communal type and public ideal. The public ideal as a special form of ideas of a perfect society organization appears only in the conditions of modern society and is connected with actualization of the main social contradiction «personality and society». In an ideological discourse we observe two ways of permission of this contradiction: liberal and socialist.

Features Values Youth Employment in Regional Perspective (on the Example of Saratov)

Thе article discusses the features of the labour values of youth as a specific socio-demographic groups, the role of youth as object and subject in the development of economic, political and cultural life, the study provides an opportunity for updating and forecasting targeted state youth policy in the region.

Genesis of a Concept «Social Stability» in Sociological Science

The article describes the evolution of ideas about social stability in social science. Particular attention is paid to different interpretations of stability in the sociological thought.

Проблемы функциональности демократии: методологические подходы к изучению

The main objective of this article is to identify the features and causes of non-compliance/distortion of the basic principles and values of democracy as the main problem of its improper functioning. The analysis is based on the study and comparison of classical and modern works on democracy, which touch upon the interaction of democracy with the media, the elite and capitalism, in order to systematize approaches to the study of the problems of its functionality.

Социальная защита профессиональной группы как фактор преодоления социальной напряженности

In modern conditions the system of social protection of the population extends and additional complexes of separate professional groups are formed. The directions of social protection extend, the maintenance of the mechanism of realization of its separate subsystems is transformed. At present new theoreticalmethodological justification of separate professional groups` protection is necessary.

Трансформация социальной сферы в системе культуры повседневности

The article analyzes the process of transformation of the social sphere in Russia. The goals of the study are: the analysis of topical images in the process of everyday life new culture formation; the comparative analysis of everyday life culture images in connection with consumer society formation in comparison with the post-Soviet period social images. The purpose of the research is to characterize everyday life culture images transformation process on the basis of attracting and analyzing a number of modern investigations in the field of sociology.