Technologies of Mediation in the Development of Solidarity of Subjects of Public Control

The article analyzes the possibilities of using mediation as a technology for improving public control. The subject of analysis, which is conducted within the framework of the theories of the social agent by P. Bourdieu, the group relations by J. Turner are the basic characteristics of the mediator as a subject of social management. The subjects of public control differ in structural characteristics and sometimes reflect opposing attitudes and motivation for participation in public control.

Political Leadership in the Modern System of State Administration of Russia

This article deals with such aspects as the identification and definition of goals, means and methods by which leaders manage to enlist the support of the administration and the population. The article reveals the approaches to the definition of the concept of “leadership”, which take place both in foreign political science and in Russia. The political phenomenon of leadership, the process of its development in the system of state and municipal government are described. Psychological, social, political components of leadership, basic models of leadership are revealed.