traditional family

Traditional Family Development Institutional Alternatives in Dagestan

Traditional family development institutional alternatives in Dagestan are derivated from the family types which developed in Dagestan society. The authors are of opinion that as any phenomena and processes development dynamics takes place between the real and the ideal, the development of the traditional family as a social institution is directly connected with dominant trends in this area.

Traditions and Innovations in Institutional Space of Dagestan Family

The author set a difficult purpose associated with the sociological analysis of traditional and innovative elements in the family sphere of modern Dagestan in this article. The polygyny of Islamic doctrine played a big role in this process. By the results of our research we concluded about negative attitudes towards polygamy institution in the public mind of Dagestan people and we noted marked differences by gender section. It was found that the male respondents compared to women more positive attitude to polygamy institution despite the negative assessment to this phenomenon.