urban space

On the question of a comfortable urban environment: Sociological aspects of development (Based on the case-study of Vladivostok сity)

The article contains the author’s generalization of the available research data for the purpose of sociological representation of the urban environment comfort and design tools for its development. The subject of the study is presented as a parameter of socio-spatial development and as a task, the importance of which is articulated at the state level and has its own regulatory, documentary and expert confi rmation. The study used methods of content analysis and expert online interviewing of a semi-formalized type.

Тенденции развития научно-образовательного пространства в современной России

The article considers the fundamental concept of «scientific and educational space» as the integration of two fundamental spheres – science and education, on the one hand, and the territorial space of our country, on the other. The article deals with the trends in the development of scientific and educational space and their interaction with the Russian urban environment and province. The problem of increasing the human and intellectual potential of the territory is studied.