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Бархатная революция в Армении: вызовы и возможности

Arzumanian Hrachya V., “Ashkar” Center for Strategic Studies

In the understanding of the Velvet revolution in Armenia, an important role belongs to the logic of the post-Soviet space. Like other post-Soviet states Armenia was doomed to become a country with an oligarchic authoritarian political order. The important element of the post-Soviet transit of Armenia became the Artsakh problem. The April 2016 war made it obvious that under the conditions of an oligarchic authoritarian political order, Armenia is doomed to military defeat, which ultimately led to the 2018 Velvet revolution. The Republic of Armenia enters 2019 after completing the transit of executive and representative branches of power. Together with the initiation of judicial reform and the transit of power in Artsakh, the new government should begin to develop and implement systemic reforms. The success of reforms will largely depend on the ability of the new government to maintain a holistic vision of the changes taking place, adapts ad hoc not only tactics, but also in the  strategy of reforms.


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