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Scientific section. Politology

The language policy of Switzerland within the federalism environment

Modern plural societies characterized by ethno-cultural diversity are forming demand for eff ective balance of inter-group relations. The institutionalization of language policy is becoming the way of inter-ethnic relations regulation. The problem of language policy implementation is the relevance in modern European federations, the boundaries of which are overlap on the boundaries of the linguistic communities’ residence. In such cases the language policy of the federal center includes the impact on the federal and regional authorities’ relations.

Reflection of the concept of the “Russian threat” in the military doctrinal documents of the Baltic States

It is shown that the fundamental principles of military policy are concretized in documents under the integrative name “military-doctrinal document”. It is often referred to as the theoretical core of military policy. A methodology has been developed for studying military-doctrinal documents of foreign states in the context of the “Russian threat”. The methodology is based on the PEST analysis method with the addition of a military aspect to it.

Possibilities of historical institutionalism in the study of the organization of local self-government in Russia

 This article considers the possibility of applying the methodology of historical institutionalism in the study of the evolution of the institute of local self-government in Russia. The institute of local self-government in Russia has a rich history and has existed for quite a long time in the context of historical existence of the state, which has undergone a number of signifi cant cardinal changes in its history.

Political discourse of health and ideological attitudes of Russian citizens

Health is declared by citizens as one of the most important values, which makes it possible to address this topic within the framework of political discourse in order to achieve political goals. At the same time, the study of the manifestation and impact of the political discourse of health on the attitude of individual citizens and social groups to the sphere of health remains an understudied area of political science.

Features of interpretations of state ideology within scholarly discourse of modern Russia

Within the framework of this article, the main problems associated with the actualization in domestic social science of scientifi c research on various aspects of the functioning of political ideologies in modern Russia are considered.

Value orientations of youth and regional security

The article analyzes results of an online survey (N = 2021) of young people (aged from 14 to 35 years) living in the Saratov region. The author summarizes answers related to the respondents’ value orientation. It is concluded that the value identifi cation and orientation of young people are infl uenced by the safe conditions of functioning of regional society, as well as global political events.

Theoretical and methodological bases for the study of modern anti-utopias: Political ideologies as social alternatives in art literature

The article presents an approach to the analysis of modern dystopia as a space for the representation and construction of political ideology. The modern dystopia is understood in the work as a direction of creative thought, which is a cultural example of understanding the ideological and value foundations of modernity, the historical consciousness of society and citizens, as well as possible scenarios for further development and goal setting in the future.

Attitude of Russian youth to the special military operation in Ukraine: Impact of media practices

According to social surveys, the majority of Russian society as a whole supported the President’s decision to hold the special military operation (in what follows, the SMO). However, the level of this support appeared to be diff erent for diff erent social groups. It turned out, for example, that, compared with society in general, young people perceived the outbreak of hostilities more skeptical and critical. In this regard, this article is devoted to the analysis of the features and factors of formation of such an attitude of young people towards the SMO.

Russia-Germany energy cooperation: How paradigm change affects Germany’s economy and politics

The article analyzes the economic and political consequences for Germany of the essentially total breakdown of Russia-Germany cooperation on energy. The author notes that the breakdown jeopardizes Germany’s entire contemporary economic model built around imports of cheap Russian energy resources and makes the country increasingly dependent on the US and other exporters of hydrocarbons to keep its economy afl oat. Special attention is given to political consequences of the crisis, including emerging geopolitical and domestic issues.

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