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«Облачное» свойство структурно-функционального метода политического исследования

Shestov Nikolay I., Saratov State University

The article is devoted to the analysis of methodological problems of domestic political science. In particular, the analysis of contradictions faced by political scientist in choosing a method of conducting his scientific research, and which induce him to be guided in the use of this method by the «cloud» notion of itis carried out. The subject of criticism in the article is the situation with the use of the «structural-functional method». Its use is associated with a great variety of meanings, which modern science assigns to the categories «structure» and «function», as well as with attempts by specialists in the theory of structural and functional studies to use as a material for constructing theoretical definitions of the concept of «system» and «role», and also to use all sorts of metaphors and concepts from the theoretical arsenal of other sciences. 


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