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Социальное сопровождение как ресурс повышения интеграционного потенциала инвалида

Svischeva Irina K., Belgorod State National Research University
Koneva Tatyana N., Belgorod State National Research University

In the article the leading role of new social service – the social escort of disabled people, which gives the possibility to disabled people to select and to act at its own discretion; to learn to the new types of behavior; it contributes to personal development. Social escort makes it possible to systematize forms and methods of operation with the disabled peoples depending on the level of their integrated potential. The integrated potential of disabled people is defined as possibility for the active start of disabled people in different spheres of the activity of society and ability of mastering by it requirements and conditions of environment; the readiness of disabled people to be included in integration process and very integrated activity of disabled people (degree of his real start in the life of society). The sociological criteria of the levels of the integrated potential of the disabled people are separated: high, average, low. The results of the sociological study, carried out within the framework by International scientific research laboratory of social projects of the Belgorod State National Research University for the study of the integrated potential of disabled peoples in Belgorod region showed that among the interrogated respondents with the high level of integrated potential there is altogether only of 27% disabled peoples, with the average level – 42% and with the the low – 31%. Third (33%) of respondents (young disabled peoples) consider that their means of life, health depend on subjective reasons, in the case of failures they consider that themselves they applied insufficient efforts or they were insufficiently persistent in achieving of its goals. 51% interrogated, especially the respondents of elder age, they count that, everything depends, first of all, on objective factors. The services of social escort taking into account the integrated potential of the disabled people are given to recommendation regarding the organization.


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