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Scientific section. Sociology

The role of sports in the system of socialization and healthy behavior of young people: Regional aspect

The article updates the need to study the role and importance of sports in the system of socialization and health-saving behavior of youth in the region (using the example of the Republic of Tatarstan). The understanding of the socialization system is being updated through the prism of the totality of the diversity of determination mechanisms and conditions that can act, including the conditions for the formation of value systems for a healthy lifestyle and playing sports, which formulated the research problem presented in this article.

The image of the “alien” in the infrastructure of the Russian city (the example of Chelyabinsk region)

The article aims to identify the criteria of the "image" of a migrant and "migrant" infrastructure, to describe the problems of interethnic relations, integration of migrants from Central Asia in a Russian city (using the examples of cities in Chelyabinsk region). The author relies on 540 interviews with the local population of six cities of the region (Chelyabinsk, Kopeysk, Magnitogorsk, Miass, Zlatoust, Troitsk), as well as the results of observations, content analysis of mass media and Internet resources.

Residents’ perceptions of the urban environment and requests for its changes in resource-type regions (the example of Kemerovo)

. The article examines residents' perceptions of the urban environment in a resource-type region. The ideas are identifi ed, and key requests for changing the urban environment are analyzed. The purpose of the article is to identify the ideas of the urban environment and analyze the key requests of residents to change it. Depending on the experience of interaction with the urban environment, general and personalized requests are formed. The presented study, includes a questionnaire survey and the focus group interview with the residents of Kemerovo.

The formation of project thinking in training specialists in working with youth: Interaction with NPOs and educational institutions

 Modern socio-economic conditions necessitate the active involvement of the population and, fi rst of all, youth in the activities of civil society institutions, including the work of non-profi t organizations that can become a driving force for the integration and mobilization of society. At the same time, in most sectors of human activity in recent years, a project approach has been actively introduced, in the implementation of which NPOs have signifi cant experience.

Social interactions in the higher education system in the context of informatization of society

Информатизация различных сторон жизни общества и цифровизация отраслей экономики изменили содержание деятельности многих социальных институтов. Это коснулось проблемы социальных взаимодействий в современном высшем образовании. Практические действия в аспекте цифровизации высшего образования требуют осмысления в социальном аспекте для их эффективного регулирования.

Ethnic identity in theory and fi gures: On the example of the aboriginal minorities of the North

. The actual study of ethnic identity is conditioned by the previous socio-political context. In the West, attention to ethnic identity is a marker of post-colonial studies, while in Russia it is a departure from the formation of a new historical community "Soviet people". Accordingly, the cognitive goals of studying ethnic identity also diff er from the manipulation of ethnic identities, leading to the split in a previously unifi ed society, to identifying factors that contribute to the preservation of ethnic minority cultures.

The role structure of the Russian family as a factor in the social activity of spouses

The article presents a sociological analysis of the family role structure as the involvement of spouses in various types of social activity. This problem is actualized among Russians under the change in the meanings of the family as an institution, the roles of redistribution between men and women.

Features of labor behavior of modern Russian youth

The article is dedicated to the analysis of the of modern Russian youth labor behavior specifics, namely: focus on the meaning and content of professional activity; desire for self-realization; the growing demand for social guarantees of labor provided by law; the importance of the fi nancial component; the importance of fair job evaluation; special requirements for the team, which should be based on a partnership type of relationship and be a set of friendly relations.

The evolution of the language personality concept in the course of constructing social reality

The article presents the stages of transformation of the concept “linguistic personality” in correlation with the changes of social reality. The reasons for the appearance of the concept “communicative personality” in connection with the formation of the social reality of the information society are substantiated. Comparative analysis of these concepts, involving linguistic, socio-cultural and socio-psychological factors is presented. The “linguistic turn” in socio-humanitarian research contributed to a new content of linguistic personality as a discursive concept.

Vulnerability of cultural codes as threat to the existence of civilization

The article deals with the consequences of the vulnerability of cultural codes as an actual threat to the existence of human civilization with the uncontrolled and unreasonable use of artifi cial intelligence. Positive as well as negative options for the interaction of artifi cial intelligence with cultural codes that level the understanding of the basic universals of human behavior, communication, and activity are analyzed.