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Экономическая и эмоциональная депривации россиян: корреляционный анализ

Mohnatkina Ksenia V., Saratov State University

Article based on the results of empirical sociological research conducted by correlation analysis of the interrelationship of economic deprivation and emotional States. The degree of economic deprivation was determined through indicators of consumer opportunities level of subjective deprivation was measured through indicators of self-esteem, anxiety, concern, anxiety, optimism, its relevance to the social environment. Revealed that as economic deprivation increased the level of concern, anxiety of the population. However, every third category of impoverished and 45% of the poor took a passive stance and slowly started to become used their situation without experiencing about this particular anxiety. The criterion of poverty when income is enough for food and clothing, but to buy things non-expendable property has to borrow is the barrier that most Russians are losing a sense of their importance. Than deprivirovana category of respondents, the less they have extended their sense of significance, and the more and more they feel their need and relevance. Clarified that on average the low level of satisfaction with the Russians their lives interfaces with even less level of anxiety about this. Potential of optimism and belief in yourself, in varying degrees, is typical of most Russians.


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