A Word to Young Sociological Scientists

The Basic Paradigms of the Sociological Approach to the Study of Migration Processes (Part 1)

The article is devoted to a review of the main paradigms that make up the theoretical and methodological basis of the sociological approach to the study of migration processes. A detailed description of the scientific directions of this approach is presented in three basic groups: the structural group includes paradigms focusing on the system-structural, organizational-functional aspects of migration, treating it as integrity, the totality of elements; the interpretative group aims the researcher to study human behavior, motives, meanings.

Social Rehabilitation in the Context of the Disabled Life Trajectories

Social rehabilitation is considered as a result of actions of all subjects of rehabilitation aimed at reсоvery and formation of social functions and relations of the disabled person. The aim of the work is to analyze the factors and individual`s resources that influenced the result of social rehabilitation. The empirical basis for this study is provided by the disabled narratives describing their biography, achievements in various spheres of life, institutions of support.

Social and Economic Potentialof Event Management as Direction of Higher Education in Russia

The article deals with the basic scientific interpretations of the concept of «event management», reveals the main characteristics of this concept, its positive impact on the development of business and culture in the regions, but also analyzes the reasons for the lack of professional education in our country.

Evolution of Representations about the Information Society in Modern West Sociology

In the article features of evolution of the sociological approaches formed in the western sociology to the analysis of an information society are considered. Ideas and ideas of foreign and domestic sociologists, offering their own interpretations of the term information society were considered. The stages of the formation and development of the idea of the information society are revealed. At the first stage, the conceptual foundations of the information society as a special social reality are being formed (the 70s – the mid 90s of the XX century).