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Корреляционный анализ влияния депривации на социальную активность россиян

Mohnatkina Ksenia V., Saratov State University

Article based on the results of empirical research of possibilities of correlation analysis of economic and social deprivation. Interrelation degree of deprivation and public participation. Clarified that the motives for participation in public life are only partly in the level of deprivation. It has been proven that when low civic participation of the Russian population as a whole, the smaller the deprivation of Russians is, the higher the level of activity of their practices of participation in public life. The most common motive for participation in the life of society were personal beliefs. Then, by a large margin followed by citizenship respondents, the ability to maintain good relations with others, and be always up to date and forget their problems for a while. These incentives directly interfaced to the level of deprivation. The reverse trend is stimulating the activity of public pressure. It grows with increasing deprivation. Fixed and measured the relationship deprivation and the amount of free time, as well as ways of spending leisure time. As demonstrated by the analysis, the more Russians economic deprivation, the less they have free time, the more they spend their leisure time for drinking alcohol. Than less deprivation respondents, the less they read fiction, but more chatting, often resting at the computer, often devote their leisure walks, sports, visits to discos, clubs, cinemas, theatres, concerts, increase their education.


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