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Земельная реформа в Республике Дагестан: проблемы, противоречия и оценка в общественном сознании дагестанских народов

Shakhbanova Madina M., Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography, Dagestan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The attitude that exists in the mass consciousness of the Dagestan peoples to the land reform carried out in Dagestan is revealed in this article. Based on the analysis of the materials of periodical press of the republic and the results of the author’s sociological research, a conditionally positive assessment of the land reform carried out in the republic in the mass consciousness of the respondent Dagestan peoples is established. This positivity is conditioned by the need to carry out reforms in conditions of publicity, without the exceptional powers of the head of the republic to transfer land from the republican to municipal property.


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