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миграционные процессы

Социальные изменения миграционных процессов в России

В статье рассматриваются миграционные процессы, происходящие в России, взаимоотношения мигрантов и коренного населения. Даются прогнозы на управление миграционными процессами и их роль в дальнейшем развитии российского государства.

The Concept «Islamic World» and a Global Context of its Politization

This paper studies the main interpretations of concept «Islamic world» as well as it’s modifications as a result of migration processes in modern globalization. The author observes the crucial factors of politization of «Islamic world» in Western Europe and in Russia.

Основные парадигмы социологического подхода к исследованию миграционных процессов (часть 1)

The article is devoted to a review of the main paradigms that make up the theoretical and methodological basis of the sociological approach to the study of migration processes. A detailed description of the scientific directions of this approach is presented in three basic groups: the structural group includes paradigms focusing on the system-structural, organizational-functional aspects of migration, treating it as integrity, the totality of elements; the interpretative group aims the researcher to study human behavior, motives, meanings.

Этносистема Российской Арктики в контексте северной экосистемы: к пониманию особенностей этнополитики в полярном мега-регионе

This paper examines crucial characteristics of the ethnopolitical situation at Russian Arctic and sub-Arctic. Accumulated and deferred ethnic problems of the region are in the center of analysis. The authors proposes the new analytical perspective – to consider the ethnosystem of the Arctic in close connection with the polar ecosystem which allows for ethnopolitical analysis in terms of a single eco-social system.