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Глобализация, потребление, виртуализация как культурные контексты идентичности

В статье рассматриваются особенности социологической интерпретации глобализации, потребления, виртуализации как культурных контекстов идентичности.

Dynamics of Economic Formats in the Russian Countryside

The paper highlights the main economic formats of the Russian countryside – corporate, family and farm, and analyzes their joint dynamics. The paper also identifies the trends in the transformation of the corporate and farm formats. The situation with the family format is seen as a characteristic of the living standard of the rural population.

Влияние новых цифровых технологий на поведение потребителей торгово-развлекательных центров: социологический анализ

The article presents the results of a sociological study of consumer behavior in a shopping and entertainment center. It is analyzed how new digital technologies influence consumers. The features, complexities and attractiveness of online sales are explored. An important task of economic sociology is the analysis of consumer behavior. It involves studying the conditions, situations, factors, actions of various social actors. Through consumption, people realize their social and economic interests.

Трансформация потребительских практик в контексте воздействия новых медиа

The communicative possibilities of the modern digital society are fundamentally different from the previous times. Active integration of new media into all spheres of human life without exception changes everyday life, forms new behaviors and ways of self-organization. Under the influence of social media there is a significant transformation of consumer practices, stages of decision-making on purchasing. During a certain period of social development, consumption becomes the dominant social process that characterizes everyday life.