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политические проекты

Проблема управления идеологическими проектами российской модернизации

В статье рассматривается проблема управления идеологическими проектами современной российской модернизации, анализируется их восприятие обществом и влияние на политические процессы. Показаны взаимоотношения власти и общества через призму политических технологий идеологического проектирования.

Post-Soviet Political Projects Before the new Civilizational Challenges

Political space that is conventionally called post-Soviet, unique in its essence and nature of the occurrence. A significant amount of vertical political ties, relations and echanisms, which were United States that were part of the USSR, was replaced by a horizontal form of political interactions. One of these forms have become diverse political projects, which was initiated by the leaders of post-Soviet republics, including the Russian political elite.