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Досуг в обществе массового потребления: концептуальные рамки исследования

В статье рассматриваются  теоретические подходы к исследованию досуга  в условиях общества массового потребления; исследуются причины сближения и взаимопроникновения практик досуга и потребления горожан.

Корреляционный анализ влияния депривации на социальную активность россиян

Article based on the results of empirical research of possibilities of correlation analysis of economic and social deprivation. Interrelation degree of deprivation and public participation. Clarified that the motives for participation in public life are only partly in the level of deprivation. It has been proven that when low civic participation of the Russian population as a whole, the smaller the deprivation of Russians is, the higher the level of activity of their practices of participation in public life.

Досуговые практики молодых рабочих промышленных предприятий

The paper describes industrial enterprises young workers leisure in Ulyanovsk. They are considered in the context of their working activity, family and consumer style. The factors connected with a work-rest schedule at the industrial enterprises, material well-being, family and children, and other biographic facts are highlighted. Leisure places of free time are characterized.

Оптимизация культурно-досуговой работы с курсантами высших учебных заведений Министерства обороны Российской Федерации

 The article is devoted to the assessment of cultural and leisure work with cadets of higher military educational institutions. First of all, the importance of leisure in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, in particular at military universities, is substantiated, the competent organization of which performs recreational, cultural and educational, military mass, cultural and educational, regulatory functions, as well as the function of rational organization of free time and the function of the communicative process in an off -duty environment.