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государственная политика

Russian and Western approaches to the study of state policy in the aircraft industry: Comparative analysis

The article presents a comparative analysis of Russian and Western (North American and European) approaches to the study of public policy in the aircraft industry. The key works of Russian and foreign authors devoted to the analysis of state policy in the aviation industry are considered, the context of research is determined, as well as their main directions, the current state of the practice of studying state policy in the aviation industry in Russia and Western countries is described.

State regulation of activities of foreign agents in the Russian Federation: Evolution of the industry law in 2012–2022

The regulation of foreign agents’ activities as part of ensuring the security of Russian sovereignty, the constitutional order and national interests from the foreign infl uence is one of the key directions of the development of Russian politics and society nowadays. The actuality of this problem is driven by the presence of internal and external threats. The article presents the prerequisites for the adoption of regulation regarding foreign agents’ activities in the Russian Federation.

Формы и меры осуществления государственной физкультурно-спортив ной политики в Российской Федерации

В статье анализируются формы и меры осуществления государственной политики в сфере физической культуры и спорта, рассматривается соотношение между методами, мерами и средствами политики применительно к современной национальной спортивной системе, а также высказано авторское мнение о проблеме отражения данных категорий в официальных документах Российской Федерации.

Social Potential of Agricultural Workers of Older Age Groups

The article addresses the current problems faced by older people in the agro-food complex of contemporary Russia and evaluates their social potential. The article also contains recommendations on further improvement of the policies concerning age groups of specialists of agricultural enterprises.

Социологическая концептуализация патриотизма в ракурсе изучения эффективности молодежной политики

The article analyzes the concept of “patriotism” as a social and moral principle that determines the attitude of citizens towards their country. This attitude is considered within a complex set of feelings, knowledge, value orientations, attitudes, actions, usually articulated as love for the motherland. The procedure for identifying the eff ectiveness of youth policy indicators showing the presence / absence of patriotism is studied.