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социальный институт

Cоциально-экономическое назначение и роль профсоюзов в условиях рыночной экономики

В статье рассматриваются актуальные проблемы социально-
экономического назначения и роль российских профсоюзов в
современных условиях, а также анализируются различные пози-
ции ученых относительно места и роли профсоюзов в условиях
рыночных преобразований.

К вопросу о предпринимательской культуре бизнес-леди в современном российском обществе

В статье рассматриваются предпринимательская культура бизнес-леди, особенности женского предпринимательства как социального феномена, обусловленного рядом обстоятельств исторического и социально-экономического свойств.

The Social Nature of the Web-documentary in the Framework of the New Media

The article presents an analysis of the concept of the web-documentary in the age of online media. The authors considers significant changes in this area affected the social institutions such as film and media. The purpose of the article is the designation of the web documentary concepts boundaries and the selection of its specific characteristics and values in the society system. Considered in theory, reveal the impact of the changes in the media in the social processes of the Information Society.

The Phenomenon of Suicide in the Study of Contemporary Theories and Concepts of Media

The article presents the analysis of theories and hypotheses of foreign as well as Russian authors who studied social aspects of the media. The value of various scientific schools which developed their own interpretations and ideas is noted, however all the analyzed theories reveal the social character of this means of communication. The aim of the research is to explain the theoretical foundation to study the media as a social phenomenon as well as examining the notion of a suicide in the perspective of the media theory.

Социальная защита профессиональной группы как фактор преодоления социальной напряженности

In modern conditions the system of social protection of the population extends and additional complexes of separate professional groups are formed. The directions of social protection extend, the maintenance of the mechanism of realization of its separate subsystems is transformed. At present new theoreticalmethodological justification of separate professional groups` protection is necessary.

Проблемы функционирования государственной службы как социального института в Российской Федерации

The article examines the main problems of such a social institution`s functioning in the Russian state as a public service. The particular attention is paid to the ethical principles of the state and municipal employees in the context of the administrative ethics. It is noted that one of the problems of the civil service as a social institution in the country is the lack of citizens` awareness of the civil servants` activities results as well as the excessive bureaucratization of the internal activities of public authorities in the country.