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общественный контроль

Российские механизмы саморегулирования СМИ

В статье рассмотрены механизмы саморегулирования СМИ как одного  из  способов  общественного  воздействия  и  контроля  в сфере информационно-коммуникационных отношений.


Общественный контроль в политической системе российского региона: проблемы и перспективы развития

The article analyzes the current state and prospects of political institutionalization of public control in the regions of the Russian Federation. The author highlights key areas and problematic aspects of the participation of public institutions in shaping the political space of the region, assesses trends in the development of the political and legal mechanism of interaction between civil society and government in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and formulates proposals aimed at increasing the effectiveness of public control subjects.

Технологии медиации в развитии солидарности субъектов общественного контроля

The article analyzes the possibilities of using mediation as a technology for improving public control. The subject of analysis, which is conducted within the framework of the theories of the social agent by P. Bourdieu, the group relations by J. Turner are the basic characteristics of the mediator as a subject of social management. The subjects of public control differ in structural characteristics and sometimes reflect opposing attitudes and motivation for participation in public control.