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Родительские предпочтения в сельских семьях с разным количеством детей

The article shows the differences in parental preferences among women with different number of children. The materials of the pilot study carried out by the Institute of Agrarian Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences consider parental preferences for the main spheres of life of children (goods and services for children, opportunities for children and the nature of the relationship of children with the closest environment). There is analyze the dependence of differentiation of parental preferences from women’s models of reproductive behavior.

Детско-родительские конфликты в контексте цифровизации повседневности

The article is devoted to the study of the circumstances forming the background of child-parents conflicts. The investigation takes into account the context of everyday life digitalization. It is stated that at present children and parents relations are reconstructed under the influence of digital technologies. Nowadays, several contradictory trends in developing of child-parent relations are identified. They include active involvement of technical devices-gadgets, and the ones for fulfilling parents’ tasks.

Социальное самочувствие полицейских: гендерные и поселенческие особенности

The need to study the social well-being of police officers is due to the high importance of this profession for protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the Russian population, and for ensuring public order. It examines the gender and settlement characteristics of the police officers ‘social well-being, which affect the police officers’ perception of their level of social protection, remuneration and bonuses, career prospects, satisfaction with housing conditions, relations with colleagues, friends, neighbors, and family life.