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clip thinking

Социальные медиа как инструмент формирования политической картины мира современной молодежи (на материалах Нижегородского региона)

The article is based on the material of applied research conducted among students of N. Novgorod, studying the political values of young people developing in the communicative space of social media, the role of network space in shaping the value picture of the world of youth, taking into account the logic of development and functioning of virtual space, its features and principles. The specifics of the impact of social media on the political consciousness (perception) of youth is analyzed, the methodological basis of which was the theory of social networks, P.

Профессиональный имидж современного преподавателя высшей школы

The article analyzes the structure of the university lecturer image consisting of basic competencies, a social status and professional competencies – didactic skills, conceptual training, and professional-Self.