Socio-cultural context of speech conflicts

The article highlights the problem of socio-cultural nature of speech conflicts. Communicators’ speech activity is conditioned both by inner and external factors of communication situation. Communicators’ personal types are of great importance, as well as their communication schemes. Personal values and principles define human motivation and intention. The asymmetry of communication activity, a speech one included, causes a lot of various conflicts.

Child-Parents Conflicts in the Context of Everyday Life Digitalization

The article is devoted to the study of the circumstances forming the background of child-parents conflicts. The investigation takes into account the context of everyday life digitalization. It is stated that at present children and parents relations are reconstructed under the influence of digital technologies. Nowadays, several contradictory trends in developing of child-parent relations are identified. They include active involvement of technical devices-gadgets, and the ones for fulfilling parents’ tasks.

Problems of International Crisis and Internationalized Conflicts in Policy Documents and Initiatives of the Political Parties of the Russian Federation

The article is devoted to the study of the content of the positions of Russian political parties on the issues of settlement of international crises and internal armed internationalized conflicts directly affecting the interests of the Russian Federation. The analysis of the party programmatics during the election campaigns of 2016–2018 and at the present stage has demonstrated a significant interest of parliamentary and other parties in carrying out effective foreign policy activities of the Russian Federation in this area.