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electoral campaign

Предвыборная кампания как фактор политических конфликтов в современной России

The author considers the problem of correlation between the notions of political competition and political conflicts in the context of an electoral campaign in contemporary Russia, evaluates their functionality as parameters of the political system’s degree of democracy, and characterizes the main types of institutional and interpersonal conflict relations within the electoral period.

Information Preferences, Current Problems’ Evaluation, and Attitude to the Government of the Provincial Constituents in Anticipation of the Federal Parliamentary Elections (Analysis of the Massive Social Surveys and Focus-group Investigations’ Results)

The authors analyze the results of the massive social surveys and focus-group investigations conducted in November–December, 2015 in municipal districts of Saratov region which are the parts of Saratov district constituency. People’s informational preferences, their attitude to the government, politicians, and elections were probed. Specific recommendations on elaborating electoral strategies in the run-up to the State Duma elections have been formulated.

Союзное государство в современном политическом дискурсе России

The article is devoted to the analysis of the issues of integration interaction between Russia and Belarus through the lens of perception of the existence and functioning of the Union State by the power institutions and political parties of the Russian Federation. A study of the content of the official websites of state authorities, the information and analytical portal of the Union State and party programming was conducted on the example of pre-election documents of political parties admitted to participate in the elections to the State Duma of the eighth convocation.

Общественно-политическая активность молодежи Кемеровской области в 2000–2010-е гг.

Kemerovo region signifi cantly diff ers from the neighboring regions in the political sphere. For nearly two decades, the region has demonstrated a high degree of support for the United Russia party. Other political parties, both parliamentary and non-parliamentary, enjoy less support than in the rest of the country. The purpose of this article is to study the dynamics of youth activity as candidates for deputies of the Council of People’s Deputies of Kemerovo Region.