Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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political activity

Professionalism of a Politician: Theoretical Aspects and Practice of Political Activity in Contemporary Crimea

The author shows theoretical and practical significance of political legacy to identify the nature and content of a politician’s professionalism, and reveals the difficulties and contradictions of the professionalization process of political activity in contemporary Crimea.

Гендерные и возрастные особенности политического поведения молодежи

According to the results of empirical research, the article reveals the age and sexual characteristics of Russian people political attitudes. The analysis shows that men, in general, are characterized by increased opposition and strict certainty in their political views, unlike women, who are generally more loyal to the elections and the current government, and their arsenal of opinions is less diverse and characterized by uncertainty.

Политические стратегии молодежи: будет ли наша политика молодой?

The article reflects dispositions, factorial models of choice, life strategies in the field of political trajectories of modern Russian youth on the basis of the empirical sociological research. The author’s typology of political dispositions of youth showing the importance of political aspirations in the ranks of life values, is given. The problematic issues in the implementation of the Russian youth policy regarding the support of political activity and political literacy of Russian youth, the development of their electoral interest and activity are identified.