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Features of labor behavior of modern Russian youth

The article is dedicated to the analysis of the of modern Russian youth labor behavior specifics, namely: focus on the meaning and content of professional activity; desire for self-realization; the growing demand for social guarantees of labor provided by law; the importance of the fi nancial component; the importance of fair job evaluation; special requirements for the team, which should be based on a partnership type of relationship and be a set of friendly relations.

Socio-demographic factors of the regional youth employment

The article presents the results of sociological monitoring conducted by the method of questioning in Saratov in 2022. According to the probabilistic quota sample, 480 people from 18 to 30 years old were interviewed. The selection criteria are gender and age. The results were processed in the SPSS program. The study showed that Saratov youth are mainly distinguished by paternalistic moods in employment, but, depending on gender, age and marital status, they have signifi cant diff erences in their orientations and problems.

Стратегии занятости: в поисках концептуального обоснования инновационной политики

The paper considered approaches to definition of strategy of employment, one of the most widespread concepts of modern researches of labor market. Features of each approach are described: their key categories, methodological assumptions and turning out typology. Restrictions are specified in application of the described approaches and a way of their overcoming.