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Удовлетворенность трудом персонала медицинских учреждений: теория и практика социологического изучения (на примере территориальной поликлиники Областного клинического кардиологического диспансера Саратовской области)

Ivchenkov S. G., Saratov State University
Nikiforov Yaroslav А., Saratov State University
Sitnikova Svetlana V., Saratov State University

The article, based on the results of a sociological study (a sample survey of employees of the territorial polyclinic of the Regional Clinical Cardiology Dispensary within the framework of monitoring the quality of work, in March-April 2022), reveals the main trends in professional satisfaction assessments by employees of the polyclinic. Theoretical and methodological conceptualization of the concept of professional satisfaction enabled to develop a working defi nition of the management and indicator scheme under study. Professional satisfaction is an employee’s attitude that manifests itself as a set of assessments in the context of compliance/inconsistency of the results and conditions of activity with expectations, which are caused by a number of social, organizational and personal factors identifi ed through indicators of the quality of working conditions, leadership style, professional development, relationships in the team, etc. In the modern Russian tradition, job satisfaction continues to be studied as a concept integrating a complex of various factors. Their classifi cation varies, but remains within the framework of the basic scheme: social, personal and organizational. The level of satisfaction with various aspects of the labor process can be represented by three levels: high, medium and low. The fi rst one includes: personal interest in the case, the psychological climate in the team, working hours, relationships with management, the possibility of professional development and career growth. In the second group: the opportunity to implement their professional skills and technical equipment of the workplace are of great importance. In the third group with the lowest level of assessments: the level of wages and the availability of social benefi ts are presented. The dynamics of changes during the last 2 years according to the above parameters was not revealed. Most employees rarely experience physical or mental fatigue at their workplaces. More than 70% of the employees surveyed rated the workload at the workplace as normal. The psychological climate in the team is comfortable for most employees. Working in the usual mode is the main professional strategy of the polyclinic staff . A fi fth of the polled employees of the polyclinic think about changing their place of work in the future. The dominant motive of professional mobility is the material factor.

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