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Гипотеза в политическом исследовании

Shestov Nikolay I., Saratov State University

The author proposes a solution to the problem of formulating a hypothesis in a political science research. In solving this problem, researchers, especially beginners, often encounter great difficulties. The article analyzes the natural causes of such difficulties. One of them is the lack of experiment with the object of research within humanitarian studies (including political). These are also problems of scientific expediency of statements made by political scientists regarding certain assumptions about the subject, method, and expected results of their research. It is possible to solve these problems if the author’s reasoned assumptions regarding the origins and properties of objective and subjective obstacles in obtaining practically and theoretically significant knowledge about a specific object and subject of research will be the basis of the hypothesis in political research (equally theoretical and applied). In addition to this, the author’s equally well-reasoned assumptions that the combined experience of domestic and foreign political science, as well as his personal professional qualifications, is enough to achieve the reliability and practical significance of the results of the research.

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