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«Исторический метод» современного политического исследования: проблемы интерпретации

Shestov Nikolay I., Saratov State University

The subject of analysis in this article is the meaning of the “historical method”, on which domestic political studies are based today. The author comes to the conclusion that this meaning is close to that which is followed by representatives of other modern humanitarian sciences when they use the general scientific “historical method” to study the order and dynamics of changes in natural and social systems in the past. This meaning, however, is variable. This variability affects the quality of political research itself and, in particular, the quality of the scientific expertise of their methodological foundations. The article analyzes the conditions under which the variability of the general scientific meaning of the “historical method” can lead an author of a modern political research and an expert to different assessments of the quality of the methodology of this research and to the distrust of the objectivity of these assessments.


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