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Анализ патологии социальной атмосферы в федеральных округах России

Argunova Vera Nikolaevna, Vyatka State University
Boyarintseva Svetlana Vladimirovna, Independent Research Center

The purpose of this article is to characterize the social atmosphere in federal districts of Russia. The social atmosphere is seen as a macro-social phenomenon, denoting all spiritual and emotional processes and phenomena in society. It creates a background of social life, affecting not only social behavior, but also public and individual health. It is hypothesized that the population of different territories of Russia reacts differently on ongoing processes of country social structure transformation. To diagnose the state of the social atmosphere, quantitative methods are used: the index of the moral anomaly of the society, the index of aggression, the depression index, the alcoholism index, calculated by mathematical methods on the basis of state statistics. The scientific novelty consists in ascertaining the existence of the pathology of the social atmosphere in all federal districts of the country and the non-uniformity of its distribution over these regions. The index of the social moral anomaly allows to objectively characterize the state of morality. The dynamics of the index shows dependence on socio-political events in the country. According to these indicators, the districts are divided into four groups. The highest rates are observed in the Far Eastern, Siberian and Urals districts. The level of the index is much smaller than the average Russian level in the North Caucasus District. There, the population did not react to market reforms. The decline in the index was affected by the war in the Caucasus. On the basis of aggression and depression indices, the regions are conditionally assigned to be aggressive (Siberian, North Caucasian, Moscow, St. Petersburg) and depressive (Volga, North-West, Central, Southern, Far Eastern, Urals). A negative alcoholic situation developed in six districts and St. Petersburg. It is established that there are two vectors for increasing the disadvantage of the social atmosphere. One is directed from the center to the northwest, the other one is directed from the center to the east. The pathology of social atmosphere in the North Caucasus District is paradoxically low. These processes are explained by the transformation of habitual social ties and relationships caused by the system of individualistic values.


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