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Residents’ perceptions of the urban environment and requests for its changes in resource-type regions (the example of Kemerovo)

. The article examines residents' perceptions of the urban environment in a resource-type region. The ideas are identifi ed, and key requests for changing the urban environment are analyzed. The purpose of the article is to identify the ideas of the urban environment and analyze the key requests of residents to change it. Depending on the experience of interaction with the urban environment, general and personalized requests are formed. The presented study, includes a questionnaire survey and the focus group interview with the residents of Kemerovo.

Тайповая идентичность молодежи Чеченской республики в ракурсе социологического анализа

В статье предпринята попытка провести анализ результатов прикладного социологического исследования, посвященного проблеме многоуровневой идентичности студенческой молодежи
Чеченской Республики. Выявлены роль и место тайповой принадлежности в «портфеле идентичностей» современных чеченцев.

Основания концептуализации идентичности

Проведена инвентаризация имеющихся подходов к рассмотрению отношений в дихотомии индивид/общество. выделено три типа отношений: объектные, субъектные и их сочетание. Данные отношения задают вектор форматирования идентичности.

Triviality and Paradoxicality as Focuses of the Analysis of a Phenomenon of Civil Identity

In the article the opposition «we» and «they» is considered (based upon the author’s definition of civil identity) in various sociocultural situations, historical eras taking into account civilization specifics. Splits of society provoke distinctions of degree of formation of civil identity and cause its features. The author comes to a conclusion that social splits and stratifications don’t give the methodical chance to study civil identity as a certain universality. So, the paradoxical civil identity is formed in nowadays Russia.

Features of Images of «Finno-Ugric» Republics in a Political Discourse of Public Authorities (on an Example of Republics Marii El, Mordovia and the Udmurt Republic)

The subject of the investigation performed with the method of the analysis of discourses of the official documents presented on sites of republics Marii El, Mordovia and the Udmurt republic authorities is a problem of ethnization of political discourse in the process of formation of a public image of republics in the beginning of XXI century According to the author, the degree of republican policy of identity ethnization depends not on the constitutional status of republic or ethnic structure of the population but mainly from economic potential of republics and ability

Role of Traditions and innovations in Socio-political Dynamics of Modern Society

The author’s position on a problem of interaction of traditions and innovations and their influence on society governance is presented in the article. The system of traditional values is considered as the popular and effective tool of policy. The author investigates importanceand place of tradition in the situation of globalization process and confrontation of different centers of force.

Формирование гражданской идентичности студенческой молодежи

В статье освещается проблема формирования гражданской идентичности. Автор рассматривает основные метафоры, описывающие процесс формирования гражданской идентичности, используемые современными исследователями. Материал статьи основан на социологическом исследовании. Автор анализирует положительные и негативные гражданские идентичности студенческой молодежи

Глобализация, потребление, виртуализация как культурные контексты идентичности

В статье рассматриваются особенности социологической интерпретации глобализации, потребления, виртуализации как культурных контекстов идентичности.

Some Aspects of Tolerant Consciousness of Student’s Youth of the Chechen Republic

Results of the sociological research conducted in 2013 for the purpose of studying of level of tolerant consciousness of youth of the Chechen Republic are given in article. Specifics of ethnoconfessional identity and formation of tolerant installations of students are considered.

Значение социальных технологий в реализации евразийского интеграционного проекта

The article deals with the problems of integration of the Eurasian space associated with the formation of social consciousness, core value, which was the national sovereignty in the post-Soviet states. Today, the issues of integration and independence largely opposed to each other. In this situation, the construction of positive motivation, a single Eurasian identity is a major factor in the successful implementation of the Eurasian project.