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политическое лидерство

Институциональный подход к исследованию политического лидерства в России

В статье представлен анализ возможностей институционального подхода в исследовании феномена политического лидерства в России. Автор характеризует политическое лидерство как взаимодействие формальных и неформальных политических институтов и практик, предлагая свой взгляд на возможности объяснения политического процесса в современной России.

Политическое лидерство в современной системе государственного управления России

This article deals with such aspects as the identification and definition of goals, means and methods by which leaders manage to enlist the support of the administration and the population. The article reveals the approaches to the definition of the concept of “leadership”, which take place both in foreign political science and in Russia. The political phenomenon of leadership, the process of its development in the system of state and municipal government are described. Psychological, social, political components of leadership, basic models of leadership are revealed.

Имидж политического лидера в эпоху цифровых медиа-технологий: особенности формирования

The problem of forming the image of a political leader using digital media technologies is, no doubt, urgent. The development of digital technologies and creation of new technological methods of political activity on their basis is happening so rapidly that researchers simply do not have time to comprehend the processes taking place. In this regard, any research that addresses this issue in a particular area is of great importance.

Коммуникативная структура сетевого политического лидерства: перспективы эмпирического исследования феномена

The phenomenon of the leadership in the network space is becoming the subject of modern Russian and foreign studies. At the same time, the phenomenon has not been determined. The article describes the communication structure of network leadership between the concepts of network leadership, blogger, and influencer, as well as the basis for the future empirical research.