consumer behavior

Problematization of Senior Age People Consumer Behavior

The article provides a detailed analysis of the main approaches to periodization of senior age consumers’ cohorts. The definitions of «senior consumers» and «senior age cohorts» are given. Particular attention is paid to the approaches to segmentation of «senior consumers». The concepts of «new senior consumers» as a special socio-demographic group possessing specific values and consumer behavior are identified. The paper proposes to single out the concept of «generation» for the operationalization of senior age consumers’ cohorts.

The Impact of New Digital Technologies on Consumer Behavior: A Regional Perspective

The article analyzes various aspects of new digital technologies impact on consumer behavior. The necessity of sociological interpretation and understanding of digital reality as a large-scale socioeconomic phenomenon, and the search for social determinants of consumer behavior in these conditions are formulated. It is argued that digital technologies are promising tools for consumer behavior social construction.

Influence of New Digital Technologies on Behavior of Consumers of Trading and Entertainment Centers: Sociological Analysis

The article presents the results of a sociological study of consumer behavior in a shopping and entertainment center. It is analyzed how new digital technologies influence consumers. The features, complexities and attractiveness of online sales are explored. An important task of economic sociology is the analysis of consumer behavior. It involves studying the conditions, situations, factors, actions of various social actors. Through consumption, people realize their social and economic interests.