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Имидж политического лидера в эпоху цифровых медиа-технологий: особенности формирования

The problem of forming the image of a political leader using digital media technologies is, no doubt, urgent. The development of digital technologies and creation of new technological methods of political activity on their basis is happening so rapidly that researchers simply do not have time to comprehend the processes taking place. In this regard, any research that addresses this issue in a particular area is of great importance.

Интернет-технологии воздействия на социально-политическую активность молодежи: социологический анализ

The article presents the results of the study that included the materials of two authors’ social polls (Nizhny Novgorod, 2020, n = 560) and the data on the search queries of Internet users from the WordStat service from “Yandex” company. The main research is dedicated to assessing technologies for influencing the socio-political activity of young people.

Дети и родители в информационном пространстве: взаимодействие, риски и стратегии обеспечения безопасности

The article is devoted to the analysis of the author’s research: focus groups with parents of children gadget users with access to the Internet (n = 6), the questionnaire survey among adolescents (n = 303) and parents (n = 326) about media consumption, and information security legislation. The new trends and risks in the development of modern child-parent relationships: gadget and Internet addiction, conflicts, decreasing parental control and authority, alternative interaction forms, dangerous content and the consequences of its consumption were identified.

Технический прогресс как фактор развития института образования

Education is one of the most important institutions of social reproduction, providing both the processes of socialization and the formation of the professional competence of society members. Education as an institution is not static. It changes under the infl uence of various social factors, and, in particular, it is transformed depending on what social demands are.