The role of mass media in the socialization of personality and generations (on the basis of sociological materials)

The problem of socialization of the individual and generations is one of the most urgent ones. The influence of mass media is associated with certain challenges and risks for society and individuals, especially in relation to socially insuffi ciently mature children, adolescents and youth. It is in the young age that individuals go through the most crucial stage of socialization and the formation of a socially mature personality.

Cultural aspects of uncertainty phenomenon

The article examines the prerequisites for increasing uncertainty in the context of the globalization of society, and pays special attention to the definition, characteristics and features of the cultural aspects of the phenomenon of uncertainty. The reasons for the dominance of this phenomenon in the scientific, artistic, and everyday consciousness are clarified. The article substantiates the need to study the consequences of the implementation of the uncertainty principle in the fields of culture, education, and production.

The analysis of the tendencies in the application of artificial intelligence technologies in the educational sphere

The article discusses the main trends in the field of artificial intelligence in relation to the educational sphere. The analysis of the use of artificial intelligence technologies and their impact on the higher education system was carried out. The attitude of the citizens of the Russian Federation to artificial intelligence in education was investigated. The main reasons for the fears of the respondents about the use of intelligent information systems in the educational sphere were identified.

Тенденции развития научно-образовательного пространства в современной России

The article considers the fundamental concept of «scientific and educational space» as the integration of two fundamental spheres – science and education, on the one hand, and the territorial space of our country, on the other. The article deals with the trends in the development of scientific and educational space and their interaction with the Russian urban environment and province. The problem of increasing the human and intellectual potential of the territory is studied.

Education as a Main Factor for National Interests of a State

In this article, the author tries to conceptualize and analyze the educational factor in realizing the national interests of a state. The author applies the method of analytic eclecticism for education complex analysis in the frames of different theoretical concepts. In the system of national interests priorities the author offers to consider the system of education in the context of three interdependent factors: as an instrument of national security; as a main factor for social and economic development; as a mean of political influence (soft power).


В статье рассматриваются состояние и специфика функциониро- вания современного регионального рынка труда на примере Са- ратовской области. Обращается внимание на то, что региональ- ный рынок труда, аналогично российскому, находится на стадии своего становления и в полной мере еще не сформировался. Состояние и общее положение занятости на российском рынке труда в целом напрямую зависит от состояния и функциониро- вания региональных рынков труда, поскольку его становление осуществляется преимущественно на региональном уровне.

Educational Aspects of Russia’s Policy in Asia-Pacific

The article examines the issues of Russian educational strategy in the Asia-Pacific region in the context of its geopolitical objectives and national interests at the present stage of history.

Глобализация системы высшего образования России: основные направления деятельности

В статье  рассматриваются  основные  подходы  к  определению глобализации  образования:  процессы  интернационализации, 
интеграции, информатизации и вестернизации, а также краткий анализ их необходимости, реализации и эффективности в условиях постепенной глобализации системы российского высшего образования.

Проблемы реформирования высшего образования в России в условиях экономического кризиса

В статье  проанализирован  целый  ряд  вопросов  дальнейшего реформирования высшей школы современной России под воздействием на данный процесс новой экономической ситуации в мире.

The Main Characteristics of Educational Stratiegies of Saratovites

The article describes and analizes the main transformational tendencies of educational strategies of Saratov citizens. It is proved that there is the increase of education importance as the way to reach the desired social and professional status. As a result, the directions of possible mid-term changes are defined.